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Regenerating Housing Estates in Lambeth Mar 23

Housing Vision is delighted to be a member of the team led by CPC Project Services to support Lambeth Council's Estate Regeneration Programme.

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The project is concerned with masterplanning the regeneration of 3 post-war estates to provide new and replacement homes. Housing Vision's role will be to provide bespoke Housing Market Assessments analysing the dynamics of housing supply, need and demand.

West Somerset Council Local Plan Examination Mar 23

Having contributed an Update to the West Somerset SHMA and several reviews of demographic trends and projections, Richard Turkington attended a Hearing on the 15th March to contribute to understanding Objectively Assessed Need and the Delivery of Affordable Housing.

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West Somerset is in an unusual position as it has a very high older population; a substantial part of the Council area falls in the Exmoor National Park and the building of Hinkley Point C would have a significant impact on the local need for housing. All these factors have been the subject of detailed assessment in reports undertaken by Housing Vision.

Household Projections and Housing Need in West Somerset and the Exmoor National Park Dec 7

We have just completed a series of reports examining the implications of 2012-based household projections in the context of the changing demographic and housing market dynamics of these areas.

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West Somerset and the National Park have large proportions of older populations - especially through inward migration - but 2012-based projections have indicated a slowdown in such movement which is reinforced by recent data. It is undertain whether recent patterns represent longer term trends and, for West Somerset, the building of Hinkley Point C will have anĀ impact on the housing market which is yet to be quantified.

CPRE Research Report on Objectively Assessed Housing Need is now available Dec 7

The outcome of this collaborative project with Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design is now available on CPRE's website at The report is accompanied by a summary produced by CPRE which is available at:

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The report provides a critical review of how OAHN has been established under the NPPF; includes 5 detailed case studies of how local authorities have arrived at their housing provision targets; summarises a series of interviews with industry experts, and provides guidance for CPRE volunteers involved in Local Plan Examinations. The report is highly critical of official guidance on methodology and raises questions concerning the objectivity of determining OAHN.

The Need for Housing: Providing the Evidence Base for Effective Neighbourhood Plans Oct 13

We've just completed a Housing Needs Survey for the parish of Marton in Cheshire East and have been commissioned to deliver a Housing Needs Assessment and Housing Needs Survey of over 1,400 homes in Stapeley and Batherton in the same district.

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These 2 commissions reflect the skills and expertise available at Housing Vision to support the development of effective Neighbourhood Plans:

  1. The delivery and analysis of household surveys assessing the need for affordable and market housing in small areas;and
  2. Local assessments of the future need for housing over a 20 year period using secondary data.
    Official data is only available at local authority level, but our local Housing Needs Assessments offer demographic modelling of the future need for housing at such small area levels as villages or neighbourhoods.