Social Infrastructure Capacity Assessments for 3 Lambeth Housing Estates Jun 21

Continuing our involvement in Lambeth Council's Estate Regeneration Programme, we are completing Social Infrastructure Capacity Assessments for 3 estates currently undergoing regeneration.

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These Assessments are taking account of capacity in relation to health care; educational provision; open space, sport and leisure, and community facilities.

The Optimum Housing Mix at Tresham Garden Village, Northamptonshire Jun 21

Located to the east of Corby, the former Deenethorpe Airfield is the site of one of the government's 14 proposed 'garden villages'

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Now known as 'Tresham Garden Village', Housing Vision has been commissioned with Jon Watson Consulting to determine the optimum housing mix taking account of demographic patterns and trends; housing requirements by income and affordability; housing demand; the need for affordable housing and financial and development viability. This commission builds on a range of projects to assess the optimum housing mix at schemes including the Newcastle 'Expo' Urban Village; the White City 'Opportunity Area' and numerous estate regeneration initiatives.

Researching the Housing Market in East Northamptonshire Jun 21

Whilst the need for affordable housing is a constant priority in many local authority areas, the adequacy of the supply of higher value new-build housing has been recognised as an issue in the district, with potential negative consequences for economic development.

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In addition to research profiling the housing market, extensive consultation has been undertaken with estate agents, developers, housebuilders and local employers who have recently moved to or expanded in the area. This work will inform the Local Plan and relevant policies.

Good Housing: Better Health Oct 25

Dr Richard Turkington, the Director of Housing Vision, is a member of the ‘Housing Renewal Partnership’, a network of academics and practitioners concerned with renewing the UK’s housing.

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The Partnership includes representatives from the Building Research Establishment, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, Public Health England, St Gobain and the Universities of Birmingham and Warwick.

Our report ‘Good Housing: Better Health’ was launched in July 2016 and makes the case for increasing the focus in current policy on older housing and the quality and use made of the existing housing stock.

The report was presented on 19th October to the All Party Parliamentary Group on ‘Healthy Homes and Buildings’.

A copy of the report is available at:

The Implications for Housing Need of 2014-based Household Projections Oct 25

We have undertaken a number of reviews of these official projections issued in July 2016 including for North Devon, Torridge and St Albans City and District Councils - and for the Exmoor National Park Authority.

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Such reviews are made possible by the bespoke modelling we've developed which enables househod projections by type and age of household to be converted into projections of housing need by bedroom size and tenure.

Regenerating Housing Estates in Lambeth Mar 23

Housing Vision is delighted to be a member of the team led by CPC Project Services to support Lambeth Council's Estate Regeneration Programme.

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The project is concerned with masterplanning the regeneration of 3 post-war estates to provide new and replacement homes. Housing Vision's role will be to provide bespoke Housing Market Assessments analysing the dynamics of housing supply, need and demand.

West Somerset Council Local Plan Examination Mar 23

Having contributed an Update to the West Somerset SHMA and several reviews of demographic trends and projections, Richard Turkington attended a Hearing on the 15th March to contribute to understanding Objectively Assessed Need and the Delivery of Affordable Housing.

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West Somerset is in an unusual position as it has a very high older population; a substantial part of the Council area falls in the Exmoor National Park and the building of Hinkley Point C would have a significant impact on the local need for housing. All these factors have been the subject of detailed assessment in reports undertaken by Housing Vision.

Household Projections and Housing Need in West Somerset and the Exmoor National Park Dec 7

We have just completed a series of reports examining the implications of 2012-based household projections in the context of the changing demographic and housing market dynamics of these areas.

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West Somerset and the National Park have large proportions of older populations - especially through inward migration - but 2012-based projections have indicated a slowdown in such movement which is reinforced by recent data. It is undertain whether recent patterns represent longer term trends and, for West Somerset, the building of Hinkley Point C will have an impact on the housing market which is yet to be quantified.

CPRE Research Report on Objectively Assessed Housing Need is now available Dec 7

The outcome of this collaborative project with Tibbalds Planning and Urban Design is now available on CPRE's website at The report is accompanied by a summary produced by CPRE which is available at:

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The report provides a critical review of how OAHN has been established under the NPPF; includes 5 detailed case studies of how local authorities have arrived at their housing provision targets; summarises a series of interviews with industry experts, and provides guidance for CPRE volunteers involved in Local Plan Examinations. The report is highly critical of official guidance on methodology and raises questions concerning the objectivity of determining OAHN.

The Need for Housing: Providing the Evidence Base for Effective Neighbourhood Plans Oct 13

We've just completed a Housing Needs Survey for the parish of Marton in Cheshire East and have been commissioned to deliver a Housing Needs Assessment and Housing Needs Survey of over 1,400 homes in Stapeley and Batherton in the same district.

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These 2 commissions reflect the skills and expertise available at Housing Vision to support the development of effective Neighbourhood Plans:

  1. The delivery and analysis of household surveys assessing the need for affordable and market housing in small areas;and
  2. Local assessments of the future need for housing over a 20 year period using secondary data.
    Official data is only available at local authority level, but our local Housing Needs Assessments offer demographic modelling of the future need for housing at such small area levels as villages or neighbourhoods.

    Update to the St Albans City and District Housing Needs and Housing Market Assessment - webcast now available Jun 17

    We have just completed an update to the 2013 HNA providing revised migration and affordability data; additional research in relation to households with specialised needs; modelling of 2 further demographic scenarios and analysis of 2012-based ONS/CLG population and household projections.

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    This substantial Update included modelling of the implications for housing need of a 10 year migration-led demographic scenario and of the implications for population and household growth of constraining housing development to only 250 homes per year. The main findings were presented to the Council's Planning Policy Committee on 15th June and a webcast is available here:

    New Housing Project for the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) Jun 2

    Housing Vision has been appointed to undertake a review of the 'Objectively Assessed Need' (OAN) methodology for determining housing numbers in Strategic Housing Market Assessments in England.

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    CPRE has been concerned for some time that the OAN methodology is disadvantaging rural areas. Working with Jon Herbert at Tibbalds Planning and Urbam Design, we will be undertaking a through review of the methodology and underpinning Guidance, making recommendations for improvements and providing support to CPRE branch members involved with Local Plans. 

    The affordability of housing for young people in Birmingham May 18

    Young people face acute and growing problems of affordability yet there is little research evidence available at the local level.

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    St Basils - which works with young people to prevent homelessness - has been funded by the Department for Communities and Local Government to develop an integrated housing, education and employment pathway for young people in Birmingham. Housing Vision's project will contribute to developing the pathway by reviewing young people's employment patterns and income levels; assessing the affordability of their housing options, and developing an investment model for housing which would be truly affordable in the city.

    Housing Vision strengthens its rural research profile May 18

    The 2012-based Household Projections have provided the opportunity for rural areas under pressure from inward migration to reassess their future housing needs.

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    Since the start of the year, we've successfully complete two studies at very different scales, firstly, additional analysis of household and housing projections for the Exmoor National Park Area and at the much more local level, an assessment of household projections to inform the development of a Neighbourhood Plan for Sandbach in East Cheshire.

    Greg Ball, expert demographer, joins Housing Vision May 18

    We're pleased to announce that Greg has joined us an Associate to apply 30 years' professional experience in demography and planning to Housing Market Assessment.

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    Greg was previously Principal Demographer for Birmingham City Council and has worked in a range of metropolitan, urban and rural areas. Greg has contributed to national working groups on methodological developments for the Office for National Statistsics and the Department of Communities and local Government, and is a member of the Council of the Briish Society for Population Studies.

    SHMA Updates in the South West Sep 22

    We have recently completed a series of updates for North Devon, Torridge and West Somerset Councils and for the Exmoor National Park Authority.

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    The Updates have focused on the implications for household and housing growth of the 2012-based Subnational Population Projections. These new Projections differ markedy from those issued previously.

    We have also provided, for the first time, a separate projection of the future housing requirements for the Exmoor National Park area.


    Telford SHMA now available Jul 12

    The SHMA produced for Telford and Wrekin in 2013-14 is now available on the Council's website at: file/3346/strategic_housing_market_assessment_shma

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    The SHMA includes specific emphasis on the role of the private rented sector; it considers the impact of population movement in and out of the area and has particular implications for the potential of Telford to meet housing need and demand from the wider West Midlands.

    Independent review of SHMA and Local Plan evidence base Apr 24

    The Director of Housing Vision, Richard Turkington has been commissioned to provide independent advice to Muller Property, a development and project management company based in Cheshire.

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    Community survey commissioned of new uses for a parish church Apr 1

    The Worcester Diocese has commissioned Richard Turkington to provide expert advice to set up and analyse a survey of the views of local people concerning the future of St Mary's Church in the expanding vilage of Kempsey.

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    The church has an established congregation but there are concerns it may not be sustainable within the next 10 years. This survey seeks to identify the potential of the church to provide facilities for a community which is due to grow rapidly as a result of local housebuilding. This is the second such survey which Housing Vision has co-ordinated.  

    Understanding Rural Affordable Housing Mar 19

    Richard Turkington presented two workshops at a Rural Affordable Housing Summit at South Staffordshire District Council at the end of February.

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    Attended by district and parish councillors, the Summit addressed the problems experienced by local people in accessing affordable housing in the district. Richard's workshop and accompanying report addressed the issue of assessing affordability; Jo Lavis presented a related workshop concerned with assessing housing need. The event was very well attended and received excellent feedback, it provided a model of how to engage with elected members and local people on this sensitive issue. 

    Housing Vision delivers its first new style SHMA Jan 14

    Commissioned by St Albans City and District Council, a new approach was adopted by providing a detailed and critical review of official demographic projections and an NPPF-compliant assessment of housing need including a range of future scenarios informed by commissioned projections.

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    The SHMA Report is now available at the following link:

    and a webcast of the initial presentation to Councillors provided by the Director of Housing Vision, Dr Richard Turkington is available at:

    2013 ends with a flurry of affordability and housing needs projects. Jan 1

    What was anticipated as a quiet end to the year went into reverse when we were commissioned to deliver a series of projects to tight schedules.

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    Central Bedfordshire UA and East Northants DC both commissioned reviews of the affordability of private rented and shared equity housing, and we completed another parish housing needs survey for a private sector client, a growing area of our work.

    Housing Vision's contribution to the pioneering Thame Neighbourhood Plan Dec 11

    This Neighbourhood Plan was the first to allocate housing sites and has just been tested by the approval of a major housing application.

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    Housing Vision undertook the original assessment which identified the scale and profile of future housing need in the town.

    New uses for an old church - delivering a local parish survey Dec 2

    St Denys' Church in Severn Stoke, Worcestershire is threatened with closure, but the results of a survey have given strong support for a new future. As our 150th project, we undertook this work free of charge.

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    Almost 300 households were surveyed by hand-delivered questionnaire - and a 40% response rate showed the level of interest in providing new uses for the local community. The first choice was offering a farmer's market; the second a community shop and the third an artists' or designers' exhibition. A public meeting at which the Director of Housing Vision presented the findings on 25th November was packed, Richard added: "The strength of feeling was evident from the survey, people wanted to see the Church as a place of worship but could see its potential as a focal point for the local community".

    Affordability - the NPPF and SHMAs - the Care Bill and Older People: a series of free to attend seminars Oct 10

    We have launched a series of free half day seminars which are directly relevant to developing Housing, Core and Older Persons’ Strategies.

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    The seminars will be of interest to anyone working in Policy Planning, Housing Strategy and the Assessment or Commissioning of Care Services for Older People. One seminar will consider how to assess the affordability of housing.

    For more information, please contact You can find out more about Housing Vision, our speakers and our Interactive Toolkits at

    Watch our presentations from the recent European Network for Housing Research conference. Sep 15

    Richard Turkington and Chris Watson introduced their forthcoming book 'Renewing Europe's Housing' at July's conference in Tarragona,you can now watch them at work here

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    The book reviews the situation in 9 countries from Denmark and Estonia to Spain and Turkey with chapters written by local experts. It is hoped the book will be published in late 2014 or early 2015.

    HMA commission from the Exmoor National Park Sep 2

    Having completed the 2008 SHMA for the 'Northen Peninsula' of the South West, we are now providing an Update for the National Park area within West Somerset.

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    This commission follows those completed for North Devon, Torridge and West Somerset District Councils, including the National Park area within North Devon.

    The Update has to recognise both the special status of the national parks in relation to new residential development and the affordability pressures within the Exmoor National Park area.

    YouTube Jun 27

    We're now on YouTube!

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    Visit us on YouTube to find out more about our Interactive Toolkits

    Interactive Toolkits Demonstration Jun 27

    We are in Leicester on Tuesday 2nd July 2013 at the Centre for Comparative Housing Research open day.

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    To book a demonstration of our interactive toolkits or find out more about the event visit:

    Link to the Centre for Comparative Housing Research

    New Affordable Rent project awarded by Northampton Council. Jun 26

    We have been successful in being commissioned by Northampton Council to undertake a review of the private rental market in the Borough. This will be used to inform market-related Affordable Rents.

    We will be making a major contribution to this year's European Network for Housing Research Conference. Jun 18

    Richard Turkington and Chris Watson will be leading a plenary session on 'Renewing Europe's Housing', the title of their forthcoming book, and will be co-ordinating the Housing Market Dynamics and Housing in Developing Countries Workshops respectively.

    Warwickshire social lettings agency feasibility study: analysis of the private rented sector May 27

    Working with Gill Leng Housing Services, we are undertaking a review of the lower value private rented sector eligible for Local Housing Allowance in the 5 Warwickshire districts.

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    The study will use Census data to provide an overall profile; review the supply available to those eligible for LHA and apply Housing Vision's 'Affordability and Housing Options Toolkit' to determine affordability by property type and bedsize.

    Strategic Housing Market Assessment for St Albans and District May 19

    Following a competitive tender, we have been successful in being appointed to undertake an SHMA in this west Commuter Belt location.

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    The project will include a detailed analysis of the factors influencing demographic projections, including household formation rates, migration patterns and economic trends.

    Download the presentations from: 'Beyond the 2011 Census - meeting housing requirements across the West Midlands’ Apr 25

    All the presentations from this Futures Network West Midlands event held on the 23rd of April are available by right clicking on the links below then opening.

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    Housing Vision's contribution to the pioneering Thame Neighbourhood Plan Apr 24

    Working with Tibbalds Plannning and Urban Design, Housing Vision reviewed the need for housing in Thame to inform this key element of the Neighbourhood Plan.

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    New seminar: 'Beyond the 2011 Census: meeting housing requirements across the West Midlands'. Book your place now. Apr 5

    The Director of Housing, Richard Turkington, will be giving a keynote presentation reviewing housing patterns and trends.

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    Other presentations will consider the demographic implications of the Census and how the region's future housing requirements might be met. This free seminar will take place at Sandwell MBC's Council House at Oldbury on 22nd April from 09.30 - 1 p.m. Places can be booked or further information provided by emailing

    New SHMA commission announced Mar 18

    We have been successful in being appointed to undertake a Strategic Housing Market Assessment for the Telford and Wrekin area commencing immediately.

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    This project provides the opportunity to undertake an Assessment in a diverse area ranging from New Town housing estates through former industrial communities to rural locations.

    European Network for Housing Research Feb 21

    The Director of Housing Vision, Richard Turkington and Company Secretary, Chris Watson will be attending the Co-ordination Committe Meeting of the ENHR in Cologne on March 1st-3rd.

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    They will be giving a plenary session on the future of housing renewal across Europe at the annual conference in Tarragona in June. Further details of the conference can be found at:

    Census 2011 Data Analysis Feb 19

    We are launching a new service to provide profiles of areas, such as wards and neighbourhoods, using 2011 Census data and other sources including Indices of Deprivation.

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    These low cost profiles will include maps created using Geographical Information Systems (GIS) accompanied by tables of data with commentaries.  We can produce bespoke profiles rapidly to meet your needs.

    For futher information contact Rachel Wright