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Social Infrastructure Capacity Assessments for 3 Lambeth Housing Estates Jun 21

Continuing our involvement in Lambeth Council's Estate Regeneration Programme, we are completing Social Infrastructure Capacity Assessments for 3 estates currently undergoing regeneration.

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These Assessments are taking account of capacity in relation to health care; educational provision; open space, sport and leisure, and community facilities.

The Optimum Housing Mix at Tresham Garden Village, Northamptonshire Jun 21

Located to the east of Corby, the former Deenethorpe Airfield is the site of one of the government's 14 proposed 'garden villages'

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Now known as 'Tresham Garden Village', Housing Vision has been commissioned with Jon Watson Consulting to determine the optimum housing mix taking account of demographic patterns and trends; housing requirements by income and affordability; housing demand; the need for affordable housing and financial and development viability. This commission builds on a range of projects to assess the optimum housing mix at schemes including the Newcastle 'Expo' Urban Village; the White City 'Opportunity Area' and numerous estate regeneration initiatives.

Researching the Housing Market in East Northamptonshire Jun 21

Whilst the need for affordable housing is a constant priority in many local authority areas, the adequacy of the supply of higher value new-build housing has been recognised as an issue in the district, with potential negative consequences for economic development.

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In addition to research profiling the housing market, extensive consultation has been undertaken with estate agents, developers, housebuilders and local employers who have recently moved to or expanded in the area. This work will inform the Local Plan and relevant policies.

Good Housing: Better Health Oct 25

Dr Richard Turkington, the Director of Housing Vision, is a member of the ‘Housing Renewal Partnership’, a network of academics and practitioners concerned with renewing the UK’s housing.

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The Partnership includes representatives from the Building Research Establishment, the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health, Public Health England, St Gobain and the Universities of Birmingham and Warwick.

Our report ‘Good Housing: Better Health’ was launched in July 2016 and makes the case for increasing the focus in current policy on older housing and the quality and use made of the existing housing stock.

The report was presented on 19th October to the All Party Parliamentary Group on ‘Healthy Homes and Buildings’.

A copy of the report is available at:

The Implications for Housing Need of 2014-based Household Projections Oct 25

We have undertaken a number of reviews of these official projections issued in July 2016 including for North Devon, Torridge and St Albans City and District Councils - and for the Exmoor National Park Authority.

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Such reviews are made possible by the bespoke modelling we've developed which enables househod projections by type and age of household to be converted into projections of housing need by bedroom size and tenure.